General Information

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The club owns 39.8 acres of mostly wooded land on both the north and south sides of Telegraph Road in West Caln Township, Chester County, PA. Situated on club property is a 100 yard rifle range which includes a 3 point 50 yard outdoor pistol range and a totally  separate 15 point 25 yard pistol range. A uniquely designed elevated trap house provides challenging practice for shot gunners.
The large 120'x 50' clubhouse contains a 38'x 27' meeting room, kitchen facilities, and a 75' x 38' indoor range used for pistol, .22 rifle, and archery activities. The indoor pistol range is 16 point, fifty foot and  has turning targets. The club manages and maintains a cooperative trout nursery with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and the Chester County Parks and Recreation Departments along Birch Run on Hibernia County Park Property.


The club's first meeting was on December 18. 1957 at the Wagontown Fire House. Meetings were held there or at the Martin's Corner Fire House for a number of years. In 1962 the club purchased 23.4 acres from John and Mary Nagy for $100 per acre and this is where our facilities are now located. .   They were even so kind as to say “pay us when you can”, and is the reason the Club honors them by giving our top annual award in their name.  The Mary Nagy Award was started in 1986.  The Club gives trophies at the Annual Banquet for many areas see Trophy RulesThere is a special award called  "The Adam Grow Award" for the largest trout (for members 12 and under).    Note: This is a Remembrance Award created for a deceased young club member who loved to fish.  Also in 1962 the club introduced the idea for hunter safety education to the Chester County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs. This idea grew into the statewide program we have today. In 1963 our new property was cleared for the rifle range and in 1964 the first road was made up to the club grounds. Ground was broken for our current clubhouse on March 1, 1973 and the first meeting was held there on September 11. 1974. In 1998 the clubhouse exterior was given a facelift with new siding and stone facings on the front of the building.
In 2000 the club purchased two parcels of woodland containing a total of 19.4 acres adjoining our original property.
Membership stood at 111 at the end of 1958 and has grown steadily over the years. 1969 - 254.   1973 - 631.   1978 - 802.    2000 - over 1,000 members.

Shooting Hours

Weekdays: 8:00am to Sunset

Saturday: 9:00am to Sunset

Sunday: 10:00am to Sunset



1. Persons interested in membership to West Caln Sportsman’s Club can first go to our website, to determine if our organization meets your needs. Application form can be picked up at a Club meeting which is held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM.  Applications are not mailed out.

2. Before applying or within 30 days after applying for membership, a family member or individual is required to go through a formal orientation program held at the club. The purpose of the orientation is to acquaint the prospective member with our facilities, our rules and regulations, the programs we offer, and determine if the individual(s) are still interested in applying for membership. Your interests will also be explored to see what committee you might be interested in serving on as a member. You will have the opportunity to meet other Club members and become familiar with our facilities. For family memberships it is recommended that all prospective members attend the orientation; however, only one adult member is required to attend, and he/she will be responsible for instructing all other family members. You can decide at that time if you wish to become a member.

3. Interview & Orientation Sessions.

Conducted by the Membership Committee the 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 6:00 PM sharp.

Please bring the following:

- A valid photo I.D. such as, State issued driver’s license, U.S. passport, Military ID, etc.

- Check or cash for payment of dues / initiation fee which will be due at this time.

All checks should be made out to West Caln Sportsmen’s Club.

The W.C.S.C. Stated Meeting is also held the second Wednesday every month at 7:30 PM , immediately following the
orientation meeting.
You are encouraged to attend this stated meeting while your membership is read. It is also recommended that you be present at the vote-in meeting as well.

Please call or email Darryl Barber @ 484-459-6306, or with any questions.

4. Your completed application is to be endorsed by one club member sponsor in good standing and/or one membership committee member.

5. The Club By-Laws and Application Form define the age limits and requirements for each type of membership. Listed below are the membership categories:

Senior Membership (an individual 18 years and older) – Annual $75.00 plus a $50.00 initiation fee

Junior Membership (an individual 17 years and under) – Annual $5.00 plus a $5.00 initiation fee

Family Membership (a husband, wife and children under 18 years old) – Annual $100.00 plus a $50.00 initiation fee

6. After the applicant meets with and is approved by his sponsor or the Membership Committee at the Interview & Orientation Session, the applicant’s name will be read for the first time at the next monthly meeting. A sponsor (or designated cosponsor) is required to be present at this meeting (By-Law, Article II, Section 6) and the applicant is encouraged to be at this meeting, if possible. New membership applicants will then be voted on by current members in good standing at the following monthly meeting. If applicant is voted in, he or she are encouraged to be present at this meeting and will receive their membership card at the close of the meeting. The overall process from orientation session to voting approval normally takes between 8 to 10 weeks.


The club has a 40 shot walkabout archery course with practice targets open year round for club archers. This same course is set up with 3D targets 4 or more weekends a year and open to the public with a daily fee to shoot. Attached is a PDF Color Diagram. (View Here)


No Guest shooters are allowed.
Ranges are only open to nonmembers at club sanctioned shooting functions.

Range Description - Members who want to shoot firearms be aware there are limitations and restrictions on Shotgun, Rifle and Pistol Shooting at WCSC.

First a Qualified Rangemaster must be in attendance at all times.

Range Rules must be adhered to at all times. Outdoor  Pistol / Rifle ranges can be opened any time during posted shooting hours by Rangemasters if not closed for other club functions.  Ranges are open for members on weekends by Rangemasters with a schedule posted at the club.

Note: Rangemasters are members, who attended a  Rangemasters Training Session, sign a Rangemaster Acknowledgment Form and have the club seal embossed to their current membership card.  Training sessions are scheduled throughout the year for new members.

Shotgun: No Hand Thrown Trap/Clay bird shooting allowed and there is No Sporting Clays. Trap shooting shut down due to tree damage to trap house.

Multifunction Indoor Range: There is No open or unscheduled shooting for any cal. at any time.
Pistol Monday Nights - Bullseye 22 cal. only (Open to non members)
Youth Rifle 22 cal. 12 week Winter schedule
Junior Rifle 22 cal. One Sunday a month
1 NRA sanctioned 22 cal. match per year
Scheduled Personal Protection in the Home Classes - Shoot different Cal. with special ammo.

Outdoor Pistol 25 yard range: Normal handgun Calibers with factory equivalent loads (no armor piercing).
Only paper target shooting from bench allowed.
Is closed at least 5 weekends a year due to archery and other functions.
See Range Rules for Limitations and Table of Shooting Hours Allowed.
Future development may have a special short range only for PPOTH trained members.

Upper Range paper targets only -100 yd rifle - 50 yd pistol/rifle - 25 yd rifle, pistol, and shotgun patterning.
Primarily used to bench shoot and to sight/group at 100 Yards. No offhand pistol at 100yds and only 1 position for offhand rifle 100 yd with supervision.
One club function shoot per year is the November Running Deer shoots.
This range is closed to rifle and pistol shooting at least 5 weekends a year for 3D Archery and other club functions.
See Range Rules for Limitations and Table of Shooting Hours allowed.